Race For The Case: BROKEN Matt Hardy vs Brother Nero vs Eli Drake vs Crazzy Steve vs Trevor Lee vs Mahabali Shera vs Tyrus vs Jessie Godderz vs Bram vs Eddie Kingston vs Andrew Everett vs Mike Bennett

Everyone starts brawling at the beginning of the match, some people go for the cases and get yanked down, then everyone clears out except for Tyrus and Drake. Tyrus clears a bunch of people out so Drake can climb a pole and grab one of the briefcases. Drake’s outta here, and it looks like Tyrus is going with him. Trevor Lee goes up and grabs another briefcase soon after and then wipes everyone out with a dive on his way to the back. We’re at commercial.

Okay, we’re back and we’ve got two briefcases left to go. Jessie goes for one, Steve drags him down and dumps him to the floor, then lays Matt out before taking Jessie and Kingston out with a dive. Bram and Kingston hit Matt with a spike piledriver, Jessie takes them both out with a springboard double shoulderblock, then gets Kingston in the Adonis Lock while Bennett takes Bram out with a superkick. Jessie goes for a case and grabs it just as Kingston low blows Jessie, and Jessie drops the case right into Bram’s hands, so they get the case and they’re outta here. The Hardys work Jessie over in the ring and Brother Nero goes up to grab the last case.

Winners: Brother Nero, Bram, Trevor Lee & Eli Drake

We go to the set of Fact of Life and Tyrus welcomes all us. People get to call their opponent and the stipulation, and nobody who comes later in line can cash in on someone who was already cashed in on. Drake opens at #4, and Drake looks pretty unhappy about that. Tyrus tells him it’s fine and puts the case behind the desk, then moves on to the DCC. The DCC does a mime routine before passing the case up and revealing…#2. Trevor Lee says he might take Drake’s idea for the no DQ title shot, so Tyrus tells him to hurry up and open the case. Lee tries to unlock it, and Tyrus says it’s already unlocked, so Lee puts it on the desk and it’s…#3. That means Brother Nero has #1, and he says whoever he chooses to face will fade away and classify themselves as obsolete! Drake is annoyed, so Tyrus informs us that this has been Fact of Life, and that’s it for the show.

The DCC is ready to take out Decay tonight. Kingston has fifteen years of memories of being told he’s too violent for this business but he knew his time had come when James Storm called him. Storm says DCC is for Death Crew Council.

Decay vs. DCC

Storm is the odd man out here. It’s a big brawl to start with the DCC taking over off an Alabama Slam to Steve. Bram comes in for a clothesline as Josh runs through all the advertisements he can squeeze into a single match. The hot tag brings in Abyss and everything breaks down again with Steve diving onto Bram and Kingston. The match is thrown out for a double DQ at 5:11.

Result: Decay vs. DCC went to a double DQ when all four brawled on the floor

They keep brawling out of the arena.

Bram vs. Robbie E

Robbie E made a challenge to anyone in The DCC to come out and face him in a match. Bram came to the ring but finally decided to take the night off.Robbie E force started the match when he jumped off the top onto Bram. Bram dominated the entire match and kept hitting Robbie with everything except the kitchen sink. Robbie frustrated Bram as he kept kicking out of everything that Bram hit him with. Bram finally ended the match with a low blow followed by a Brighter Side of Suffering.

Winner: Bram

Jesse Godderz vs. James Strom w/ The DCC

Jesse started the match with a brief advantage but it was all Strom afterwards. Bram and Eddie Kingston constantly interfered in the match and broke up any onslaught that the Jesse could muster up. Godderz locked on the Boston Crab on Storm. Kingston and Bram tried to interfere again but Jesse fought them off. Storm used the distraction to hit the Last Call Superkick on Godderz and score the pinfall. However, the light went out after the match, and The Decay came down to the ring and spit The Mist into the eyes of Storm and Bram. They went on to double team Kingston and put him down.

After the Decay Vs Helms Dynasty match the DCC attacked Abyss & Crazy Steve from Behind, despite that Rosemary was trying to warn them, after DCC attack Abyss & Steve Rosemary left the ring.

The DCC is shown behind their desk. They say their mission continues, and their agenda is clear. Control through chaos. They are intrigued by “Total Non-Stop Deletion”. They will bring their chaos to the Hardy’s apocalypse. They have been warned.

I would like to apologize for the lack of updates over the past month, as I noted on twitter the reason for this is because I’ve recently moved and had to wait for around 2 – 3 weeks to get my internet back. As of tomorrow I will be updating the gallery so keep an eye out. Again I apologize but now it’s time to catch up!

We open with a DCC video as they’re focusing on the Hardys. Matt is back to help his brother tonight thanks to a well placed bolt of lightning.

Tag Team Titles: DCC vs. Hardys

Bram and Kingston are challenging but the champs take over early on with a pair of double suplexes. Things settle down with Bram getting beaten up in the corner, followed by a chinlock from Jeff. You don’t often see that from a face but TNA has never been your normal promotion. Double Poetry in Motion gets two on Bram and we take a break. Back with the DCC working over Matt in the corner until Bram charges into a boot.

The hot tag brings in Jeff but Storm hits him with a belt, meaning the heel beatdown starts up again. Kingston grabs a chinlock and runs Jeff over with a shoulder as this just keeps going. Bram spins out of the Twist of Fate and a double clothesline puts both guys down. The real hot tag brings Matt back in and it’s time to bite Kingston’s arm and hand. Bram breaks up the Twist of Fate so Kingston takes it instead, allowing Matt to retain the titles.

Result: Hardys b. DCC – Twist of Fate to Kingston

Adam “Flex” Maxted & Bram defeated Alex Gracie & Marshall X by Pinfall.