TNA iMPACT Results – August 4th, 2016

A recap is shown of Rosemary’s origin story to Bram last week. A tease that the continuation of the story will be told tonight.

Back from the break. Bram is with Rosemary. Bram tells her that he wants to leave . Rosemary pleads with Bram to stay. She says she has waited her whole life to tell someone her secret.

Video is shown of Rosemary sounding like she is speaking in tongues as we go to the break. We are back to Rosemary speaking about her history. She talks about “Johnny”. The implication is that Rosemary killed “Johnny” after he tried to take advantage of her on Valentines Day. Bram tells her that they need to leave. He tells her to get over her heartbreak. Rosemary snaps. Out of the darkness comes Crazzy Steve and Abyss. Bram is attacked and then dragged into the trunk of a car unconscious.

TNA iMPACT Results – July 28th, 2016

Back from the break. Bram is shown in the woods meeting with Rosemary. Rosemary starts talking about her past and a strange video package is shown of Rosemary growing up on a farm. She daydreams about finding her cat dead. She is somehow taken over by a spirit and falls out of a tree when she is in mourning. Then she starts talking to her tree and has a conversation about her non existent brother Montgomery. We flash back to Bram and Rosemary together, He cuts off the story and doesn’t know what to think. Rosemary says she didn’t bring him out to talk about them. She looks at the farmhouse and says she wants to talk about what is in there.

We are back to Rosemary and Bram together. Rosemary reveals that she has never told anyone her secrets. We then see more video highlights of Rosemary’s past. Her imaginary brother told her that someone named Johnny would come to her. Johnny eventually came to her and then as it looked like he was going to take advantage of her. The story cut off. Rosemary couldn’t finish telling Bram the story and said that she would need the ghosts to help her finish the story. To be continued was flashed on the screen.

TNA iMPACT Results – July 21st, 2016

Backstage, Rosemary is with Bram. Bram tells Rosemary that he wants to become world champ. Rosemary offers her services to help him in his opening round match. They both kiss as we go to the break.

Drew Galloway VS Bram

Physical start to this match between these two that eventually spills to the outside. They both battle to the top rope. They both take each other out and land on the top rope. They then exchange head butts and strikes in the middle of the ring. Drew hits a northern lights suplex. Bram counters after a shock ddt attempt by Drew for a near fall. Drew hits a big suplex, then tries the claymore on Bram but he counters with a power bomb and a near fall. Drew nails a future shock DDT off of the top rope for the victory. Galloway advances to the semi finals.

Winner: Drew Galloway

TNA iMPACT Results – July 12th, 2016

Highlights shown of last week’s Rosemary-Bram kiss as The Decay enters the ring without Rosemary. Bram is then introduced who arrives to the ring by himself.

Abyss VS Bram

Crazzy Steve provides a distraction on the apron and that helps Abyss take control of the match early. After some back and forth brawling between the two. Bram regains the momentum briefly before being thrown over the top rope by Abyss. Crazzy Steve begins to beat up on Bram on the outside and pulls out some of Bram’s hair. Abyss is in control for a while before Bram eventually rallies and gets the advantage temporarily before Abyss choke slams him. As this happens, Rosemary starts to come to the ring, ignores Steve at ringside and has a brief exchange with Bram while he is laid out in the ring. Abyss is distracted and Bram wins with a roll up.

Winner: Bram

After the match. Rosemary touches a confused looking Bram on the outside. Doubly confused are her partners in The Decay in the ring….. Preview of upcoming Knockouts title match as we go to the break.

IMPACT Moves Home To Thursday Nights Starting July 21st


A special LIVE edition of IMPACT WRESTLING: Destination X.
On Tuesday, July 12, IMPACT WRESTLING on Pop is LIVE from Universal Studios Florida with Destination X, as the Stars of IMPACT WRESTLING’s signature high-flying, no-limits X-Division take center stage. And, in the Main Event it will be Title vs Title as X Division Champion Eddie Edwards faces TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley inside the six-sided ring. For the first time ever at Destination X, the winner of the Title vs Title match will walk away with the X Division and the TNA World Titles.

IMPACT WRESTLING on Pop MOVES TO ITS NEW REGULAR TIME SLOT on Thursday nights at 8/7c starting July 21 with a supersize extended episode. The adrenaline-pumping action-packed IMPACT WRESTLING serves as the kick-off to the Bound For Glory Playoff, where 8 IMPACT Stars, including former World Champions Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, EC3 and other top stars compete to become the #1 Contender for the World Title.

TNA iMPACT Results – July 5th, 2016

The bro-mans and Racquel enter the ring. As The decay makes their entrance. Jessie Godderz takes the mic and reveals that he has implemented his “big brother” cameras and shows footage on the tron of Rosemary and Bram kissing. The Bro Mans attack The Decay at ringside to start the matc

TNA iMPACT Results – June 21st, 2016

Rosemary calls Bram out to the ring, and she asks Abyss to trust her. Rosemary hits home pretty hard, asking why Bram settles all of his problems with violence. Bram rejects Rosemary’s advances and Steve sprays mist in Bram’s face and beat him down.

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