TNA iMPACT Results – February 16th, 2017

The DCC are backstage and they say how hard can it be and James asks a producer if they can put subtitles at the bottom because people don’t understand what they are saying. James says it’s very simple and they’re going straight as a line which Bram interrupts and says straight as an arrow. James says that aren’t going around, but going right through. Goes on to say that EC3 found out the hard way and that he wanted to be the big man on campus, but James says the DCC are the big men on campus. James goes on to say that another one wants to step up and that is Jessie Godderz, James insults Jessie.

Eddie Kingston vs Jessie Godderz

Jessie fires a bunch of shots off at Kingston, who no-sells and hammers back with some chops. Godderz hits a dropkick out of nowhere for 2, then unloads some European uppercuts for good measure. Godderz with a hiptoss, but then he walks into a t-bone suplex from Kingston. Kingston chokes Godderz over the second rope, then ties him up with a bearhug. Godderz gets free and connects with a series of clotheslines and a blockbuster for 2. Godderz goes for the Adonis crab, Kingston powers out, so Godderz hits a leaping enziguiri and a springboard forearm for the win!

Winner: Jessie Godderz

Lights go out, and when they come back up, Storm and Bram are in the ring with Kingston, but Godderz is up at the top of the ramp telling the DCC that he has their number.

TNA iMPACT Results – February 9th 2017

The DCC comes out to the ring and says the world is crumbling around them, but their ass-kicking business is BOOMING. This brings out Eli Drake and Tyrus, and Tyrus wants to know how tough they are when they have to fight straight up. A brawl breaks out at ringside with Drake and Tyrus winning early on, but the DCC has the numbers advantage and turns the tide as we go to commercial.

Eli Drake & Tyrus vs The DCC

It’s 3-on-2, and Tyrus is trashing Eddie Kingston as we come back from commercial, then Drake tags in to unload with some right hands. Kingston goes to the eyes, and Drake is caught in the wrong half of the ring as the DCC tags in and out on him. Drake snaps a powerslam off on Bram for 2, then a suplex gets another 2. Now Tyrus and Drake are in control and cutting Bram off from Storm and Kingston, as Drake puts the boots to Bram in the corner and then distracts the ref while Tyrus goes to the eyes. Bram gets a right hand in on Drake as he comes off the second rope and makes the hot tag to Storm, who cleans house on Drake and flattens him with a Slingblade. Storm almost hits Last Call, but Drake falls away from him and tags in Tyrus. They trade right hands, Tyrus comes out on top, and then he lays Kingston and Bram out for good measure. He goes to tag Drake, but Drake is taking a walk and leaving Tyrus by himself. Tyrus continues trying to fight, but eats the Last Call from Storm, and Kingston falls on top for the win.

Winners: The DCC

TNA iMPACT Results – February 2nd, 2017

The DCC wants Decay in a falls count anywhere match.

DCC vs. Decay

Falls count anywhere and a handicap match as well, unless Rosemary is fighting with the guys. It’s a brawl on the floor to start and we’ve already got a table ready. Steve escapes a powerbomb through said table and Abyss takes Kingston into the crowd to expand the violence a bit wider.
Steve dives onto all three members of the DCC for two on Storm. It’s time for the barbed wire board and Abyss rips off Kingston’s shirt. That earns Abyss a low blow but Rosemary mists Kingston, setting up a chokeslam onto some tacks for two. Some beer bottles to Abyss’ head set up a Last Call to put him into the barbed wire. A spike piledriver puts Steve through the table for the pin at 6:34.

Winners: DCC

After EC3 beats Eli Drake unloads on Carter with the ball bat, only to have the DCC show up and beat down on EC3. Drake smiles but the DCC beats down him aswel as Tyrus. Carter takes a spike piledriver on the chair to end the show.

Genesis 2017 Results

The Hardy’s are out in the ring, Matt talks about Brother Nero winning the #1 case last week. Jeff thinks he might win the World Title again but Matt has a big idea: going around the world and winning all the Tag Team Titles they can! Cue the DCC to imply they’ll be cashing in their Race for the Case match against the Hardys next week, this makes Decay come out and Crazzy Steve suggests a triple threat for tonight and the DCC immediately agrees. Matt says that even though these are some rude blokes, the match is on.

Tag Team Titles: Hardys vs. DCC vs. Decay

The Hardys are defending. Joined in progress with the DCC working over Steve as the announcers talk about Don West’s insane deals. The hot tag brings in Abyss. Jeff comes back in and drops Abyss but the DCC takes over on him in the corner. That means James Storm can distract Matt so a non-tag can take place. Everything breaks down and Kingston gives Matt an STO for two. Steve mists Kingston and it’s a Twist of Fate to retain the titles.

Winners: Hardys b. DCC and Decay

TNA iMPACT Results – January 12th, 2017

Race For The Case: BROKEN Matt Hardy vs Brother Nero vs Eli Drake vs Crazzy Steve vs Trevor Lee vs Mahabali Shera vs Tyrus vs Jessie Godderz vs Bram vs Eddie Kingston vs Andrew Everett vs Mike Bennett

Everyone starts brawling at the beginning of the match, some people go for the cases and get yanked down, then everyone clears out except for Tyrus and Drake. Tyrus clears a bunch of people out so Drake can climb a pole and grab one of the briefcases. Drake’s outta here, and it looks like Tyrus is going with him. Trevor Lee goes up and grabs another briefcase soon after and then wipes everyone out with a dive on his way to the back. We’re at commercial.

Okay, we’re back and we’ve got two briefcases left to go. Jessie goes for one, Steve drags him down and dumps him to the floor, then lays Matt out before taking Jessie and Kingston out with a dive. Bram and Kingston hit Matt with a spike piledriver, Jessie takes them both out with a springboard double shoulderblock, then gets Kingston in the Adonis Lock while Bennett takes Bram out with a superkick. Jessie goes for a case and grabs it just as Kingston low blows Jessie, and Jessie drops the case right into Bram’s hands, so they get the case and they’re outta here. The Hardys work Jessie over in the ring and Brother Nero goes up to grab the last case.

Winners: Brother Nero, Bram, Trevor Lee & Eli Drake

We go to the set of Fact of Life and Tyrus welcomes all us. People get to call their opponent and the stipulation, and nobody who comes later in line can cash in on someone who was already cashed in on. Drake opens at #4, and Drake looks pretty unhappy about that. Tyrus tells him it’s fine and puts the case behind the desk, then moves on to the DCC. The DCC does a mime routine before passing the case up and revealing…#2. Trevor Lee says he might take Drake’s idea for the no DQ title shot, so Tyrus tells him to hurry up and open the case. Lee tries to unlock it, and Tyrus says it’s already unlocked, so Lee puts it on the desk and it’s…#3. That means Brother Nero has #1, and he says whoever he chooses to face will fade away and classify themselves as obsolete! Drake is annoyed, so Tyrus informs us that this has been Fact of Life, and that’s it for the show.

TNA iMPACT Results – January 12th, 2017

The DCC is ready to take out Decay tonight. Kingston has fifteen years of memories of being told he’s too violent for this business but he knew his time had come when James Storm called him. Storm says DCC is for Death Crew Council.

Decay vs. DCC

Storm is the odd man out here. It’s a big brawl to start with the DCC taking over off an Alabama Slam to Steve. Bram comes in for a clothesline as Josh runs through all the advertisements he can squeeze into a single match. The hot tag brings in Abyss and everything breaks down again with Steve diving onto Bram and Kingston. The match is thrown out for a double DQ at 5:11.

Result: Decay vs. DCC went to a double DQ when all four brawled on the floor

They keep brawling out of the arena.

TNA One Night Only Results – January 6th, 2017

Bram vs. Robbie E

Robbie E made a challenge to anyone in The DCC to come out and face him in a match. Bram came to the ring but finally decided to take the night off.Robbie E force started the match when he jumped off the top onto Bram. Bram dominated the entire match and kept hitting Robbie with everything except the kitchen sink. Robbie frustrated Bram as he kept kicking out of everything that Bram hit him with. Bram finally ended the match with a low blow followed by a Brighter Side of Suffering.

Winner: Bram

Jesse Godderz vs. James Strom w/ The DCC

Jesse started the match with a brief advantage but it was all Strom afterwards. Bram and Eddie Kingston constantly interfered in the match and broke up any onslaught that the Jesse could muster up. Godderz locked on the Boston Crab on Storm. Kingston and Bram tried to interfere again but Jesse fought them off. Storm used the distraction to hit the Last Call Superkick on Godderz and score the pinfall. However, the light went out after the match, and The Decay came down to the ring and spit The Mist into the eyes of Storm and Bram. They went on to double team Kingston and put him down.