It is no secret that Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews aren’t the best of friends… to put it lightly. In fact, they despise each other, although the hatred seems to come mostly from Josh’s side of the announce table. For several weeks, the verbal blows coming from the two commentators have been nonstop, and the authorities of IMPACT Wrestling (and many fans) are ready for this feud to come to an end.

In step Bruch Prichard. Last night on #IMPACTonPOP, he proposed a battle of sorts between the two. Here are the stipulations: Both Jeremy and Josh get to pick 4 men from the IMPACT roster to compete on their behalf.

As the night unfolds the teams are chosen. Team Josh (aka Team GOAT) is stacked with some of the strongest, most intimidating men on the roster including current World Heavyweight Champion, Lashley, The Chesterfield Plague, Bram, Eli Drake and Tyrus. It is a commanding team filled with wrestlers that are known to do whatever it takes to get the win.

However, Team JB is filled with just as much talent. Matt Morgan and Chris Adonis are back in the IMPACT Zone and ready to prove their capacity for chaos in the six-sided ring. Alberto El Patron has already shown that he is capable of being a World Champion, as he controversially beat Lashley in his IMPACT debut and held the Title for a handful of days. Rounding out a strong Team JB, in a huge surprise return, is powerhouse Magnus.

Truthfully, both teams are evenly matched. All 8 men competing for the two feuding IMPACT Wrestling commentators are strong, capable and skilled inside the ring. It’s difficult to make a prediction on the outcome of this match, but two things are certain; The excitement surrounding it is palpable and almost, if not every single person, is ready for the feud between these talking heads to conclude… so they can shut up!

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