Gallery Update: One Night Only Live – January 6th, 2017

Bram defeated Robbie E
Robbie came out and made an open challenge to anyone in The DCC. Bram came out alone to accept the challenge but decided he wants the night off. Robbie E jumped off the top onto Bram to start the match. Bram took over and dominated a majority of the match. Bram hit move after move but Robbie kept kicking out, which frustrated Bram. Bram hit a low blow and followed up with the Brighter Side of Suffering to win the match.

James Storm w/ The DCC defeated Jesse Godderz
Jesse had the brief advantage in the match until Storm took over. Bram and Eddie Kingston interfered constantly in the match. Godderz started to build up momentum and knocked down both Bram and Kingston. Godderz locked on the Boston crab and Kingston and Bram tried to interfere but he fought them off. Storm caught Godderz with the Last Call superkick to score the win. Suddenly, the lights went out and Decay appeared in the ring. They spit mist in the eyes of Storm and Bram then double teamed Kingston.

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